about Yvon

Words coming from a glasblower:

Glass is solidified light,
alive like Dutch skies,
shimmerringly mysterious, dramatic.

Glass at the end of the blowpipe, coming out of the glass furnace (1130 degrees Celsius) is about as liquid as honey. The soft receptive glass skin only puts itself in the skilful hands of the glassblower. In her passion for the trade she ask for nothing better than to show the specific qualities of glass as much as possible. Togcther with the blown-in air also the light is being brought in, something colourful comes to life as a result of which nothing human is strange any longer. Cheerful, airy appearance, transparent pomp and circumstance, swelling and shining with a ceaseless desire to seduce.
Sunlligh is streaming through the glass and is partying!

As a glassblower, Yvon Trossèl confines herself to creating services (as glassblowers have done through the ages, and in the history books even the level of civilisation is being derived from it !) As an artist swimming in the realm of life forms,
Preferably drawn from real life. Like in the ocean above the coral reef tables, where the animals think they are unobserved for a while in their camouflage, dare to show themselves a little bit, let their souls shine through a little. This is the moment to put them on our tables.

Passionate, fresh, dripping, throwing their party Crockery therefore! Half wild, half civilized.

Yvon Trossèl blowing and blowing, lime and again in~rir~d by new properties of the rich glass, but in the meantime followed by a colourful parade of cheerful crockery.

A tribute to life!